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Environmental Human Rights Cyperspace Global Travel

Slide #1 #2 HUMAN RIGHTS # ISSUES THAT MATTER Global Travel #3 Environ- mental #4 Cyber- Security The task of developing and delivering a COVID vaccine in less than a year demonstrated how agile we can be as soldiers for human health when we put our minds and resources towards it. As we begin to turn the corner on getting to COVID immunity, other biotech and genetic innovations have surfaced that will further propel the trajectory of global healthcare and the extension of human life. Telling that story in a manner that enables consumers to feel safe and to trust in science-based treatments and solutions will require a kind of marketing transparency and messaging not yet seen from either “Big Pharma” or managed care providers. The world has been waiting to travel safely again. Despite gloomy prognostications by analysts who say air travel will lag other sectors, airlines have invested much of their COVID relief packages into making air travel safer and cleaner than ever before. The pent-up demand from younger consumers—for whom travel is a life currency greater than new cars or material goods—will result in an enormous return to flying and adventure/leisure travel in late 2021. From airlines to state tourism offices to exotic destinations, the time is now to communicate that you’re safe and secure for landing. From new solar, wind and biofuel entrants to fresh water and air innovations, dozens of emerging products and solutions have been incubating these past four years at small startups and fully funded, mid-size renewable energy enterprises. They all need breakthrough marketing ideas, brand awareness, community activism and issue advocacy to enable them to move past the policies, bureaucratic practices and entrenched public behavior that can block market viability. Enabling them to succeed will serve the greater good in all areas—commerce, country, and climate. The velocity of technology advancements and applications isn’t slowing anytime soon—and that’s a good thing. Yet the friction between personalized data-driven marketing versus the urgent need for better cyber security and data privacy is top of mind for both the private and public sectors. Addressing these challenges begins by meeting the demand for more STEAM-fluent talent at all levels—not just spillover needs from Silicon Valley, but on a national and global stage. Recruiting campaigns must resonate and appeal to diverse and deeply skilled talent, and masterfully divert them away from the “cash out” mentality of start-ups to the more meaningful opportunities associated with scaled organizations.

Slide We never lead with the plumbing. We always lead with the poetry. It takes more than spreadsheets and percentages to get through to an audience. For that reason, technology is merely a tool to deliver the data and insights needed to inspire original creative thinking. These tools unlock human truths, much the same way that poetry gives rise to an intensity of expression.

Every issue a unique need. Every idea uniquely inspired. At Elevation, no two initiatives are alike. Every client differs: even projects for the same client vary. A campaign to encourage voting is wholly unlike one that strives to save migrant lives. Knowing that, we approach each initiative with fresh eyes and open minds.

As an eclectic mix of writers and artists, data nerds and strategists, dreamers and doers, we have a robust set of proprietary tools and techniques at our disposal. Our approach is to first build trust with a client, so that we become intimately familiar with all aspects of an issue. Then, armed with data-driven insights, we can deliver the unexpected.

Slide One Thousand Mothers,
One Family.
The Elevation family hails from over 12 different countries - a rich mosaic of backgrounds that bring a world of relatable experiences and perspectives to the work that we do. Lima to Atlanta. Mexico City to Zurich. Philadelphia to Buenos Aires, and beyond.

Our innate "Cultural IO" means we excel in diverse settings - a factor reflected in how we adeptly create and steward international campaigns. All of this speaks to the human touch. And our ability to spark the types of conversations that elicit true and significant change - in any corner of the world.

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